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Live streaming takeover: the new approach to social media.

More and more companies across the world are getting behind video streaming to help market their products. Snapchat, once used almost entirely by teenagers to send selfies to their friends, has rapidly adapted to become one of the best marketing tools for businesses and brands looking to connect to Generation Y. But whilst Snapchat might allow for people to follow along on journeys and offer a behind the scenes look

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The Brave New World of Social Video Broadcasting

You could be forgiven for thinking humanity has reached a new narcissistic low (or high depending on your perspective) in 2015, with that all-encompassing term “social media” conjuring images of banal, self-centred status updates on Facebook, countless “selfies” (probably the most annoying word in the English language at the moment) plastered across personal Instagram accounts and fragile ego’s engaging in vicious war of words over trivial matter through Twitter hashtags.

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