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Bringing Your Brand to Life through Social Media Analytics

Since the launch of Facebook in an unassuming Harvard University college dorm in January 2004 (it wasn’t all that long ago!) social media has since exploded onto the scene and gained a foothold in our everyday lives and collective consciousness in a way very few people ever predicted. Nowadays everyone it seems has a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profile, or a combination of all 3 (at least in developed countries

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The Brave New World of Social Video Broadcasting

You could be forgiven for thinking humanity has reached a new narcissistic low (or high depending on your perspective) in 2015, with that all-encompassing term “social media” conjuring images of banal, self-centred status updates on Facebook, countless “selfies” (probably the most annoying word in the English language at the moment) plastered across personal Instagram accounts and fragile ego’s engaging in vicious war of words over trivial matter through Twitter hashtags.

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Ready to retire from your small business?

Chris Judd has had to make an early exit from his career, and whilst many people would love to retire in their early thirties, it isn’t always a possibility. It comes after a large number of baby boomers have begun to retire, leaving their businesses without a proper strategy laid out. And whilst Judd’s retirement came as a bit of a shock to the AFL community at large, most of

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The Rise of Online Advertisement

We are all used to television advertisements interrupting our favourite programs with insistent promotions for products, and even if it seems commercial breaks are never ending, businesses are now looking away from television to advertise. As more people head online, companies are looking to shift to a new space to promote their product, with the online audience potentially more receptive to what they’re selling. Spending for online advertising is expected

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Credit where credit is due: how to avoid the dangers of social sharing for your business

Social media might be out to help save businesses and brands, but there are certainly plenty of problems that companies are coming up against in their rush to post new content. In recent years, one of the bigger problems that companies and personal brands have been coming up against is the battle to post original content. As Instagram and Tumblr in particular become more mainstream ways of promoting a business

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When the News Feed Controls the News

Facebook, the behemoth of social media has been at the forefront of the constant wave of mind-boggling and truly life-altering changes in digital technology for over a decade now. Despite humble college dorm beginnings in February 2004, Facebook has since grown into a mighty multinational corporation of the same size as those whose business models it has disrupted, seemingly out of nowhere. But never content to rest on its impressive

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Best Social Media Campaigns of 2014

Companies have been looking to develop the greatest social media campaigns possible, with the success of future sales riding on how inventive and popular their social media presence is. We’ve rounded up four of the most interesting and successful social media campaigns of the last 12 months to get you thinking about future opportunities for your company. 1. #ShareACoke Coca-Cola is one of the largest corporations in the world but

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