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Ready to retire from your small business?

Chris Judd has had to make an early exit from his career, and whilst many people would love to retire in their early thirties, it isn’t always a possibility. It comes after a large number of baby boomers have begun to retire, leaving their businesses without a proper strategy laid out. And whilst Judd’s retirement came as a bit of a shock to the AFL community at large, most of

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Small Business a Big Winner in “Have a Go” Budget

Treasurer Joe Hockey has recognised the vital importance of small business to the Australian economy, with an incredibly generous tax break delivered as part of his “have a go” second budget for 2015-16. As much a political exercise as fiscal policy-making, the 2015-16 federal budget marks a dramatic change of tone and substance from last year’s effort which polarised the community and saw business and consumer confidence plummet. Instead, this

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The Australian Economy in 2015, a Guide for Start-Ups

A Lower Aussie Dollar: Having soared in recent years off the back of an unprecedented mineral resources boom, reaching parity with the ‘Greenback’ (US dollar) in 2010, the Aussie dollar fell back to earth in 2014 in welcome news for the domestic economy and local entrepreneurs. From USD $1.03 on January 1st 2013 to USD $0.81 exactly two years later and with expectations for a further fall below USD $0.75

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