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Tumblr for Business: How your company can reap the rewards of this social media platform

Starting off as a microblogging platform in 2006, it wasn’t until around 2010 that Tumblr first started to gain popularity as a platform. Even then, it remained almost entirely a website for people to run their own blogs, filling them with their own creative content, and it hasn’t been until quite recently that businesses have started to catch on to Tumblr’s user-friendly site, which at times seems like it was

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Move over DIY: How businesses are taking over Pinterest.

If you still think Pinterest is the domain of hobbyists and DIY-gurus, you might want to revaluate your idea of the social media platform. Whilst the website is still loaded with creative projects you can do at home and virtual pin boards loaded with inspirational quotes, Pinterest is fast becoming one of the best platforms for businesses looking to expand. Here are five tips for how your business can start

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Step back to leap forward. 5 ways to deal with stress when running a small business.

No one wants to go grey early, but if you have an entrepreneurial spirit and are in the throes of developing a new business, it’s likely your stress levels have increased. It’s entirely understandable, as starting a business can rank up there with moving house and divorce as some of the most stressful experiences we can undertake in our lives. But there are ways you can combat the stress, take

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It’s all about balance: how to keep yourself healthy without losing time at work

Whilst there is no shame in being a workaholic, spending such long hours at work can sometimes mean sacrificing other parts of your life. You might not feel guilty about missing out on certain social occasions or having to skip your hobbies whilst you work late one night, but you should never compromise on your health just to reach a deadline. In the end, maintaining a healthy lifestyle will keep

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Get the best out of STD ?

We’ve all been there before, it’s 7 AM on a cold Saturday morning, in the middle of winter and you hit the snooze bottom only to wake up a few hours later at 10.30 AM with the best part of the morning already long gone. You feel like you’re frittering away your precious weekend leisure time and feeling quite down with yourself as a result. But who can blame you?

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