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The Psychology of Social Media- Likes, Shares and Comments

For any business looking to engage with their customers on social media, understanding the science behind the platform can be crucial to attracting the right audience. Each business’ approach will differ, but for every company’s social media manager, it is important to understand how people interact with social to make sure the consumer is fully engaged. For Facebook, one of the premiere platforms for business, learning how the customers are

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Change is coming and it’s pushing young Australians out of the workforce. Learn how to prepare yourself for the digital revolution.

We all know that technology is advancing at a rapid rate, but is it actually outrunning us? The Foundation for Young Australians has recently released a report to say that our country’s youth may suffer from the hasty progression of technological advancement, with the majority of jobs people are studying for likely to be filled by robots rather than humans. The statistics found should be enough to alarm most young

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How the IoT Will Piece Together Our Future

Since the advent world wide web beginning in the early 1990’s, the internet has become ubiquitous in our everyday lives. Thanks to rapid and relentless advances in digital communications technology, the average person now carries around in their pocket smartphones whose computing power rivals that of the 1960’s and 70’s supercomputers which NASA used to launch man onto the moon. Yet the internet still remains a device-dependent technology, and whilst

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