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Live streaming takeover: the new approach to social media.

Periscope Vs Meerkat for Live Streaming

Periscope Vs Meerkat for Live Streaming

More and more companies across the world are getting behind video streaming to help market their products. Snapchat, once used almost entirely by teenagers to send selfies to their friends, has rapidly adapted to become one of the best marketing tools for businesses and brands looking to connect to Generation Y. But whilst Snapchat might allow for people to follow along on journeys and offer a behind the scenes look at what a company is doing, it doesn’t allow real time streaming. Apps have been scrambling to fill this gap in the market, though, with Meerkat and Periscope leading the charge of real time streaming capabilities.

Whilst Meerkat and Periscope might cover fairly similar territory, Meerkat was first out of the gates with the tools for live streaming. But despite the head start it had, Meerkat seems to be losing the race to Periscope, who have taken over as the go-to name when you want an app that could live stream. Both have their respective benefits, and if you are considering using live streaming as a tool to market your business, its worth taking a look to see how others are utilising the services offered by these two apps.


  1. Red Bull

Red Bull have been known for their impressive marketing strategies for a few years now, and since deciding to utilise live streaming services, their campaigns have only improved. The company have always focused on sponsoring action packed and high intensity events that align with their position in the energy drink market, and they have certainly developed somewhat of a monopoly with sponsorships.

Keeping with their strategy of sponsoring massive live events, Red Bull have utilised Periscope’s live streaming services to allow viewers around the world to watch their sponsored events. Primarily, the company’s Periscope use involves streaming concerts and live sporting events, with a frequency for adrenalin fuelled events like the Motocross and Air Races across the world. The choice of events coincides nicely with their target market and the overall feel they want for the company: high intensity, high energy, and constant excitement.


  1. Katy Perry

Celebrities always need to be on the forefront of social media, and live streaming capabilities are no exception. Katy Perry has been one of the earliest adopters of live streaming amongst her celebrity cohort, developing a Periscope profile that she can use to check in with her fans when she’s on tour. For her, it’s a way of building up her brand and connecting with her audience in a way that other forms of social media don’t allow.

Through Periscope, Perry has promoted her concert movie, participated in Q&A sessions with her fans, and streamed the pink carpet at the screening of her film. Fans have caught on and are using it as another means of attracting their favourite celebrity’s attention. As Perry said to Mashable in March of 2015: “You’ve got to embrace the future or you’re left behind.”


  1. General Assembly

Offering online training from professionals in a range of areas, General Assembly is helping to revolutionise the way we learn in this digital age, so it makes sense that they have kept up to date with all of the advancements in social media. For General Assembly, live streaming is a great way to connect with prospective users and has largely been a means of creating a connection with new audiences.

By setting up Q&A and Ask Us Anything sessions, General Assembly offer other users the chance to get a look into what their company offers, learn some new things, and get a few pointers without giving away absolutely everything that they have to offer. It’s a clever way of enticing new users, and also provides people with a good look at the real people behind the company, establishing that human connection.

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