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Get the best out of STD ?


We’ve all been there before, it’s 7 AM on a cold Saturday morning, in the middle of winter and you hit the snooze bottom only to wake up a few hours later at 10.30 AM with the best part of the morning already long gone. You feel like you’re frittering away your precious weekend leisure time and feeling quite down with yourself as a result. But who can blame you? You run a small business and are on-call 6 days a week, the cat’s been ill, it’s been a difficult week with clients more demanding than usual and the list goes on…. The good news is by keeping in mind a few productivity-boosting tips you could be well on your way to an STD– that is a Seize the Day lifestyle which leaves you feeling happier and more accomplished.

#1 – Get Moving!

Perhaps the most simple yet overlooked method to boost your productivity and overall health is to just get moving! Whether that be out of bed at the break of dawn (or a more reasonable hour), going for a brisk early-morning jog or hitting the gym for a regular 45 minute workout or structured class 3 days per week. When you physically move, your body releases endorphins which send a signal to your mind that it’s time to get stuff done and focus on the possible rather than the impossible.

#2 – Plan Ahead Your Social Life

Whether that be time for catching up with friends over dinner at the local bistro or quality time to spend with your loved ones, planning ahead your social life and setting aside blocks of time you can spend with those you value is not only vital for your emotional wellbeing, it also acts as a powerful incentive to work more efficiently during the week so you can enjoy their company without distraction.

#3 – Don’t Forget Your WHY?

Never forget what makes you passionate and especially never forget the reason WHY you’re doing whatever it is your doing. For instance, if you’re running your own venture and attempting to grow a small but successful business from scratch, always remember WHY you established that business in the very first place – was it to give you control over your own destiny by being your own employer? Was it to give back to your local community by offering in-demand goods and services whilst creating employment opportunities for others? Or was it to revolutionise your industry with a truly groundbreaking, never-seen-before offering? At the risk of sounding like a preaching self-help guru, your WHY will tell you HOW and see you through the inevitable ups and downs we all must face.

#4 – FOCUS

Do what you must to give your undivided attention to the task ahead, for it is only by doing the best job possible on the task immediately ahead of you that you will make progress in life. View each individual task successfully completed as a stepping-stone to another slightly more challenging task, one that will take you even closer to your ultimate goal, whatever that might be. Outsource unnecessary, efficiency-sapping errands such as mowing the lawn, cleaning the house or book-keeping to third-party professionals as much as your budget allows and watch your time to dedicate to those strategic, truly-productivity enhancing tasks grow. And by dedicating additional time to those tasks that truly matter, you’re giving yourself more un-adultered time to spend with family and friends.

#5 – Switch-Off

We live in the age of constantly-connected digital devices which always seem to be encroaching further and further into our personal time, and not to mention, diverting our attention from the tasks at hand, leading to lower productivity and lower overall satisfaction with both our personal and professional lives. As vital as digital technology may be to running our business and keeping in touch with friends and family spread all over the world, sometimes we just need to switch-off. Whether that be turning off our smartphones for a walk on the beach or going without the internet for an entire day – getting away from the white noise of daily life could be the perfect elixir for your mental and physical sanity!

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