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Women who are changing the face of technology in Australia.

Australia’s tech world is still shockingly behind the times in terms of equality, with women making up less than 20% of the information and communications technology workforce in 2013. Despite plenty of initiatives and movements to get women more involved in the sector, the statistics remain the same, and it is due to a myriad of reasons, included unequal pay and a hostile working environment. One of the key features

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When the News Feed Controls the News

Facebook, the behemoth of social media has been at the forefront of the constant wave of mind-boggling and truly life-altering changes in digital technology for over a decade now. Despite humble college dorm beginnings in February 2004, Facebook has since grown into a mighty multinational corporation of the same size as those whose business models it has disrupted, seemingly out of nowhere. But never content to rest on its impressive

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Business Owner VS Entrepreneur: What’s the difference?

The term “entrepreneur” has become a buzzword in recent years, so much so that the line between business owners and entrepreneurs has become increasingly blurred. Despite this, the two terms aren’t interchangeable, so before you go labelling yourself one way or the other, it’s important to find out where you fall on the spectrum. The hype behind being an entrepreneur comes from its history. It’s a notoriously risky job. Entrepreneurs

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Get the best out of STD ?

We’ve all been there before, it’s 7 AM on a cold Saturday morning, in the middle of winter and you hit the snooze bottom only to wake up a few hours later at 10.30 AM with the best part of the morning already long gone. You feel like you’re frittering away your precious weekend leisure time and feeling quite down with yourself as a result. But who can blame you?

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The Australian Economy in 2015, a Guide for Start-Ups

A Lower Aussie Dollar: Having soared in recent years off the back of an unprecedented mineral resources boom, reaching parity with the ‘Greenback’ (US dollar) in 2010, the Aussie dollar fell back to earth in 2014 in welcome news for the domestic economy and local entrepreneurs. From USD $1.03 on January 1st 2013 to USD $0.81 exactly two years later and with expectations for a further fall below USD $0.75

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Detox for a Healthy, Wealthy 2015

The middle of the decade is here! And as we enter the first full working week of 2015, now is the ideal time for business owners and individuals across the country to “detox” their lives and give themselves the best chance for success in the next 12 months and beyond. While the word “detox” is often associated with maintaining physical health, your business and financial affairs will benefit just as

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Why Confidence is Your Key to a Successful 2015

As another year draws to a close, millions of Australians are looking forward to 2015 with the prospect of a fresh start the new year brings. Just as many Aussies will be quietly reviewing 2014 and how successful they were in achieving their personal goals over the last 12 months. Unsurprisingly many will feel disappointment at unfulfilled resolutions and unmet expectations whilst vowing that next year will finally be THE

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Best Social Media Campaigns of 2014

Companies have been looking to develop the greatest social media campaigns possible, with the success of future sales riding on how inventive and popular their social media presence is. We’ve rounded up four of the most interesting and successful social media campaigns of the last 12 months to get you thinking about future opportunities for your company. 1. #ShareACoke Coca-Cola is one of the largest corporations in the world but

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