Judy Sahay

Thought Leaders & Game Changers

September 2015

The 3 skills every business owner should have

To run a successful business, there are a lot of important contributing factors. You need a clever idea, a good business model, strategy, and an understanding of the way the business world works. But even if you have these basics down, there are skills that you might be lacking, and it might be impacting your company. As a business owner, it’s important to learn and be able to apply these

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Australia’s New PM Malcolm Turnbull a Friend of Business

5 Prime Ministers in 5 Years Australia has its fifth Prime Minister in just 5 years following the sudden but not entirely unexpected elevation of Malcolm Turnbull into the nation’s top job on Monday evening, following a Liberal partyroom leadership spill. The member for Wentworth in Sydney’s salubrious eastern suburbs and former Minister for Communications hails from the “Small l” Liberal wing of his party and replaces former Prime Minister

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Getting your business to go viral: from felines to frozen water

Rising from relative obscurity in the Western world in 2012, it seems that Psy can’t stay out of the headlines now, with his involvement in a minor car crash almost immediately trending on Facebook newsfeeds across the world. Thankfully, no one was injured in the incident that involved his Rolls Royce bumping into a bus but it didn’t take long for the incident to make headlines across social media. But

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Staring out on social media: the do’s and don’ts for small businesses.

When it all boils down, there are two types of industries: those that have been reshaped by digital technology, and those that will soon follow. In our world’s current business climate, the turn to the digital world is unavoidable. Businesses are now being run entirely online, and as we’ve seen with the recent announcements about the ABC Shop closures, physical retail is rapidly being replaced by an online presence. But,

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2025: What the business world will look like in 10 years time

Anyone engaged with business on any level can see how the world is already changing. Just a few years ago, the idea of transactions being made on iPads and tablets seemed impossible, but as technology has changed, the business world has adapted to keep up. Now, with consumer intelligence and awareness at an all time high and technology continuing its rapid developments, businesses need to start preparing for what their

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