Judy Sahay

Thought Leaders & Game Changers

August 2015

The right team for startup success.

If you have a new idea for a startup, it’s likely you’ll want to get started on your new venture right away, but rushing into it could do your idea more harm than good in the long run. One of the most important aspects of a startup is the people you start with, and deciding who to work with in the beginning can really make or break your fledgling business.

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Change is coming and it’s pushing young Australians out of the workforce. Learn how to prepare yourself for the digital revolution.

We all know that technology is advancing at a rapid rate, but is it actually outrunning us? The Foundation for Young Australians has recently released a report to say that our country’s youth may suffer from the hasty progression of technological advancement, with the majority of jobs people are studying for likely to be filled by robots rather than humans. The statistics found should be enough to alarm most young

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Step back to leap forward. 5 ways to deal with stress when running a small business.

No one wants to go grey early, but if you have an entrepreneurial spirit and are in the throes of developing a new business, it’s likely your stress levels have increased. It’s entirely understandable, as starting a business can rank up there with moving house and divorce as some of the most stressful experiences we can undertake in our lives. But there are ways you can combat the stress, take

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Getting ready to say goodbye: the top signs that your business might be dying.

Admitting that it is time to let go is never easy, but if you are talking about saying goodbye to your dying business, it’s likely you have a lot of time and money invested, so your farewells might be even harder. If you think your business might be set for demise, it is important to take notice early, so you can either try and reverse the damage or prepare to

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Social Media Blunders: How Reckless Social Can Lose You More Than Money

No matter how big or small your brand is, presence on social media is hugely important in this day and age. People rely on social media to keep up with their favourite companies, check for sales, and get a good look at the places they’re shopping, so maintaining your presence online can be crucial to your brand’s success. But alongside the new digital side of business are the subsequent dangers,

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It’s all about balance: how to keep yourself healthy without losing time at work

Whilst there is no shame in being a workaholic, spending such long hours at work can sometimes mean sacrificing other parts of your life. You might not feel guilty about missing out on certain social occasions or having to skip your hobbies whilst you work late one night, but you should never compromise on your health just to reach a deadline. In the end, maintaining a healthy lifestyle will keep

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8 ways startsups can trim their business expense from day one.

When starting out a new business, it’s likely that you are going to incur a number of costs you might not have anticipated. Hidden fees for things you didn’t know you need continue to pop up, and if you don’t go in with a plan, you could find yourself up to your ears in debt in no time at all. But, depending on your business, there are ways you can

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