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May 2015

Small Business a Big Winner in “Have a Go” Budget

Treasurer Joe Hockey has recognised the vital importance of small business to the Australian economy, with an incredibly generous tax break delivered as part of his “have a go” second budget for 2015-16. As much a political exercise as fiscal policy-making, the 2015-16 federal budget marks a dramatic change of tone and substance from last year’s effort which polarised the community and saw business and consumer confidence plummet. Instead, this

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Credit where credit is due: how to avoid the dangers of social sharing for your business

Social media might be out to help save businesses and brands, but there are certainly plenty of problems that companies are coming up against in their rush to post new content. In recent years, one of the bigger problems that companies and personal brands have been coming up against is the battle to post original content. As Instagram and Tumblr in particular become more mainstream ways of promoting a business

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The 2015-16 Victorian Budget & Small Business

Shaking off the angst from a series of controversial decisions it made in its first few months in office, the Daniel Andrews Labor government has delivered what commentators are calling an economically responsible and relatively low-key first budget that prioritises job-creation, infrastructure and spending on basic public services such as Education, Health and Family. Small Business is also a beneficiary, although tax relief was not as significant as hoped for.

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Saying goodbye to the Saturday newspaper

As the world goes digital, Australians are turning to their screens to source out the news, and shying away from more traditional means. With the development and release of Amazon’s Kindle in 2007, many predicted that print media would gradually die out, making way for the digital age, and now newspapers are beginning to feel the same pain as other traditional print publications. It’s a change that media outlets are

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