Judy Sahay

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January 2015

The Australian Economy in 2015, a Guide for Start-Ups

A Lower Aussie Dollar: Having soared in recent years off the back of an unprecedented mineral resources boom, reaching parity with the ‘Greenback’ (US dollar) in 2010, the Aussie dollar fell back to earth in 2014 in welcome news for the domestic economy and local entrepreneurs. From USD $1.03 on January 1st 2013 to USD $0.81 exactly two years later and with expectations for a further fall below USD $0.75

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Detox for a Healthy, Wealthy 2015

The middle of the decade is here! And as we enter the first full working week of 2015, now is the ideal time for business owners and individuals across the country to “detox” their lives and give themselves the best chance for success in the next 12 months and beyond. While the word “detox” is often associated with maintaining physical health, your business and financial affairs will benefit just as

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